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phasetwo® offers a full spectrum of cold storage products that have been re-engineered with a user-centric design. Our next-generation solutions enhance the user experience by focusing on present-day needs, rather than historic and outdated designs.

We follow the ethos of our established parent, TOMCO2 Systems. Our dedication is to make the world safer, cleaner, and healthier through our Cold Chain Solutions. From conception to reality, the phasetwo team makes every effort to enhance and create products for the future of cold storage solutions. Each team member brings years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to advance our product offering. We believe in the best safety practices, the highest quality products, and the service we provide to customers. Together, we unite as a company to offer cold storage solutions fit for our modern era of technology and advancement.

Our Products


phasetwo modernized the storage and transportation of biological products with redesigned cryogenic dry shippers. These cold storage products have been reinvented from the need up with a sleek design that demonstrates durability and reliability like traditional aluminum dewars.


Dry ice is an efficient cold storage product used to preserve vaccine and other sample integrity and viability during transport. Make dry ice on-demand and control your own supply with in-house equipment. phasetwo offers a user-friendly, one-touch and go production of dry ice with our globally recognized systems.


With more than six models, the Controlled Rate Freezer is the most advanced cryogenic freezer on the market. With its modern design and technology, this freezer preserves to the highest quality during the demanding freezing processes of living cells.


The Cryo Blast Freezer is specifically designed to meet demanding freezing processes. Liquid nitrogen is injected inside the insulated cold box, providing an inert freezing environment with fast and homogeneous freezing of the whole batch. The Blast Freezers are ideal for freezing blood plasma, liquids, gels, and matter that requires fast freezing.

Our advanced cold storage products include Cryogenic Storage Stainless Steel Freezers, Cryogenic Aluminum Freezers, Cryogenic Freezers, Cryogenic Control Rate Freezers, Cryogenic Blast Freezers, and Dry Ice Equipment.