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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is a field that heavily relies on cryogenic freezers and dewars to preserve and maintain genetic material. Cryogenic freezers are used to store semen and embryos from valuable livestock species, such as cattle, pigs, and horses, allowing for the long-term preservation of genetic material. This material can be used to breed superior animals, maintain genetic diversity, and prevent the loss of valuable genetic resources. Dewars are also used in animal husbandry to transport samples safely and efficiently, ensuring that they remain viable during transportation. These technologies have revolutionized the animal husbandry industry, allowing for the preservation and use of genetic material in ways that were not previously possible. With cryogenic freezers and dewars, animal breeders can maintain the genetic diversity of their herds and develop new breeding strategies to produce healthier, more productive livestock.

Long-Term Freezers

Vapor Shippers

High Capacity High-Efficiency Freezers

Cryogenic Canister Freezers