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Product Segments

phasetwo® offers a full spectrum of cold storage products that have been re-engineered with a user-centric design. Our next-generation solutions enhance the user experience by focusing on present-day needs, rather than historic and outdated designs.

Our unwavering commitment is to foster a safer, cleaner, and healthier world through our Cold Chain Solutions. From inception to fruition, the phasetwo team relentlessly strives to innovate and develop products that shape the future of cold storage solutions. Each team member contributes extensive expertise, knowledge, and dedication to propel our product offerings forward. We are steadfast in our dedication to the highest safety standards, top-tier product quality, and exceptional customer service. Together, we coalesce as a unified company to deliver Cold Chain Solutions tailored for the modern era of technology and progress.

Our Products


phasetwo modernized the storage and transportation of biological products with redesigned cryogenic dry shippers. These cold storage products have been reinvented from the need up with a sleek design that demonstrates durability and reliability like traditional aluminum dewars.


Dry ice is an efficient cold storage product used to preserve vaccine and other sample integrity and viability during transport. Make dry ice on-demand and control your own supply with in-house equipment. phasetwo offers a user-friendly, one-touch and go production of dry ice with our globally recognized systems.

Cryogenic Rack Freezers

phasetwo’s Cryogenic Rack Freezers provide customers with the latest technology with larger capacities to follow shortly. This design provides a dedicated and fixed position for the Low Level & Temperature Alarm (LLTA). The LLTA continues to monitor the freezer’s temperature and level while the product is removed or inserted, providing product security. When the lid is removed it is stored on the handle, so the operator can use both hands to quickly access the product in the freezer.

High Capacity High Efficiency Freezers

phasetwo’s HCHE series provides customers the latest technology with capacities from 20,000 to 107,000 vials. Our freezers are equipped with an automated control with the dual-level sensing and touch screen display, ensuring product viability and ease of use. Engineered and tested, our durable HCHE stainless steel freezers are suitable for today’s requirements.

Our advanced cold storage products include Cryogenic Storage Stainless Steel Freezers, Cryogenic Aluminum Freezers, Cryogenic Freezers, Cryogenic Control Rate Freezers, Cryogenic Blast Freezers, and Dry Ice Equipment.